September 1st, 2016

Single Axel: Olivia Slack

This is a great example of a Single Axel in the process of becoming an even better Double Axel. Notice the quiet edge entry, the free side held back efficiently, and the load, the press from the skating ankle, and the lift! Great progress, Olivia Slack!   ~Thomas Amon, Head Coach


 Double Lutz: Olivia Pope


Triple Loop: Colton Johnson


Triple Lutz Double Toe: Colton Johnson


Double Salchow: Krisalyn Cook

This is a great example of a NEW and improved 2S still in the final stages! Krisalyn’s upper body still has a bit too much movement prior to take-off, but because of her strength, has a superb “vault” and target into the air. A beautiful, clean landing that flows from the toe down to the “ball” of the foot. We are working hard to have a cleaner and sharper air position (right foot “floxed” in the air and straight). The current air position is a bit “crunchy”, but she is working hard on “core” stability to help the breaking that is occurring on landings.   ~Thomas Amon, Head Coach

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